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In recent years, the city of Or Yehuda has experienced a real boom. From a small town in Gush Dan, it has become a real estate powerhouse. Or Yehuda today is a connected and connecting city, a central city that unites the entirety of the Ono Valley and provides regional services to all the authorities around it, along with its proximity to Gush Dan, Ben Gurion Airport and all the main roads in the State of Israel. The considerable investment in the city in recent years symbolizes the new way in which Or Yehuda will emerge as a city that strives for excellence in all areas, and provides its residents with the highes

A Few Details

  • At the end of 2018, in a ranking by the Central Bureau of Statistics, it emerged that Or Yehuda had climbed from a socaial ranking of 5 to 6 for the first time.
  • In the period between October 2018 and September 2019, Or Yehuda was ranked sixth in the country in the number of construction sites to break ground. Or Yehuda was ahead of cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Herzliya and Harish in this ranking.
  • Or Yehuda was recently ranked second in the country for real estate investment opportunities for the next ten years by the program Shave Kesef on Channel 13. The choice was made by the best professionals in the real estate industry who recognized Or Yehuda’s tremendous investment potential.

Umbrella Agreement | A Turning Point for Or Yehuda

A large part of Or Yehuda’s future momentum lies in the significant umbrella agreement signed between the municipality and the government. This agreement stipulated that Or Yehuda would promote the establishment of two new neighborhoods, and at the same time enjoy huge budgets that would be invested in upgrading old neighborhoods, upgrading public buildings and institutions, in the community and culture. The highlight of the agreement is what is to become the city’s most significant economic anchor in coming decades: over one million square meters of .employment and entertainment space that will be a springboard for Or Yehuda – OPARK.


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