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Urban Innovation
architectural planning
Sustainability & environment
Innovative Transport Plan
Varied parking solutions

Architectural Planning

In order to ensure that the great potential of the district is realized, we have retained the services of Architect Gidi Bar Orian - who specializes in planning and designing luxury boutique buildings. On the planning level, other than the rich design crafted by Bar Orian, he has divided the district into clearly-defined concept areas. All areas are located next to a vast park being developed next to the Ayalon river which is located along the district. Simply perfect. But that's not the end of it... Buildings have been given special thought, and instead of massive, rectangular buildings, curvy, snake-like buildings have been designed, creating a full landscape experience and making use of the unique environment of the district. A View from Every Window. Green Landscape or Takeoff Runway. There's a balcony on every floor, an urban garden on every rooftop, and a landscaped public area at every curve.

Sustainability and Environment

The view of ample farmlands in the region is embedded within the park, which includes a variety of internal green areas. In addition, the park includes a green pathway intended for pedestrian, bicycle, and scooter traffic. In addition, building plans include green rooftops, courtyards, and a waste and water recycling scheme. However the jewel in the O PARK crown is, hands-down, the vast green park located along the entire district, right at the Ayalon River bank. From nearly every angle, as you look out to the open landscape from your window, you will see the view of a green park and a plane taking off.

Innovative Transportation Plan

Other than the rich and diverse transportation options in place for entering and exiting the district, the Park includes a green pathway intended for green traffic (pedestrians, bicycles and scooters), while traveling within many areas of the park will be done by shuttles.

Diverse Parking Solutions

The district will have so many commute options other than by car, that you will probably leave your private cars at home. Employees coming with a car will have a variety of underground parking options, while guests will have parking spots above ground alongside innovative and unique parking solutions in the form of parking centers.

Urban Innovation