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Business Opportunity
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Economic Opportunity

In April 2017 the City of Or Yehuda signed a historic framework agreement which adds to the city thousands of housing units as well as business, commerce, and entertainment areas, and which is already leading to a sharp increase in real-estate prices in the city. This year Or Yehuda was ranked second on the list of 'hottest real-estate destinations for the next decade' on the Channel 13 financial show. The selection was made by top real-estate professionals, who have identified Or Yehuda's tremendous potential as an investment destination. The O Park district is the most unique and attractive district in the region, and today's prices definitely won't last...

Attractive City Taxes

Fixed costs such as rent and city taxes are a central component in the cost structure of every business and company. The O Park district is located within the municipal area of the city of Or Yehuda, and as such, it offers attractive city taxes and rent compared to competing business districts in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Rishon LeZion.

Rich and Diverse Mixed Uses

Say goodbye to offices in remote compounds and commercial space with no customers after 5pm. O Park has unique and distinct concept complexes, each with a dominant commercial element alongside the office space. Restaurants, leisure, culture and entertainment spaces are managed proactively by the park manager, and most importantly - the transportation map which connects many public spaces is planned based on some of the most advanced sustainable and environmentally-friendly criteria in Israel.

Professional Management

In order for a business district to become a focal point for culture and leisure activities, it must be managed proactively. O PARK leaves nothing to chance, and the park administration will work to create activities across all sectors, times of day, and fields of interest.

A Solution Tailored to your Needs

O PARK wants you, no more developers winning a tender and then fighting their way through municipal red tape for permits. The administration of the district will appoint a representative for each developer and company who will help resolve any issue, offering real A-to-Z service.

Business Opportunity