Prime Location - Opark
Prime Location

All the Advantages of Gush Dan, Without the Shortcomings

O PARK will be the biggest step in this trend. The central location, at the heard of the Gush Dan metropolitan area, will allow the employees of every company to commute quickly and easily to an innovative employment area which has everything to offer! O PARK is the next opportunity in Gush Dan real estate. The most strategically located area in Israel. A stone's throw away from the airport, watching over the action in Tel Aviv. Attractive city taxes, special land prices, creatively managed mix of uses, and close municipal service offered to every developer - all you have to do is join the success.

Vast Green Park

With the exception of Park HaYarkon, Israel has no other park which can serve a broad range of activities. Or Yehuda today has a vast number of parks and attractions aimed at residents, however the planned O-PARK campus will house the second-largest park in Gush Dan after Park HaYarkon. This won't be just another park, it will be THE park, closely adjacent to the new business and entertainment compound. The park, whose planned area is expected to occupy 60 hectares, will stretch from the Ayalon River to the city of Or Yehuda. In fact, the park will be the green lung of the entire area, serving as fertile grounds for implementing the architectural vision for the district: a view from every window.

Light Rail and Metro Line

The M3 metro line will pass through the city of Or Yehuda and will include 24 stations, 12 of which will join the light rail, train, and other metro lines. The metro is developed alongside the light rail purple line and the "mahir ba'ir" project, so that Or Yehuda, already located in the most central location in Israel, will become even more accessible, convenient, and attractive.

5 Minutes from Ben Gurion International

The business and entertainment district is located only a few minutes away from Ben Gurion International Airport, where all you have to do is hop on a plane and travel to New York. The park is located along the western side of the airport, right next to the planned western entrance to the airport. In addition, Or Yehuda is the site of the planned terminal station of the metro line leading to the airport, as well as a stop along the light rail purple line, so that the park is located only a few minutes' ride away from any central location in Israel and around the world.

Accessibility and Transportation Solutions

Or Yehuda is the Center of the Center of Israel. It offers all the advantages of the Gush Dan metropolitan area, without its shortcomings. It is close to everywhere, without any serious traffic or parking problems. It is located close to Highways 4, 1, 412, 461, and only a few minutes' drive from Highways 6, 531, 40, and more. With all the highway numbers Or Yehuda has access too, this almost looks like an arithmetic series. Add the light railway connection, the "mahir la'ir" metropolitan development project, and the metro stations expected to be placed across the city, and you'll soon realize why the center of the center is an understatement when it comes to transportation. O PARK, the business and entertainment park with the best location in Israel, only a few steps away from Ben Gurion International Airport, is located right between Israel's main transportation arteries and offers many transportation solutions making it a particularly accessible area. The only decision you'll have to make: metro or light rail? Car or bicycle and Segway?

Prime Location